INDEVA® Vacuum Gripper

INDEVA® Vacuum Gripper

The INDEVA® Liftronic® Series  manipulators can be equipped with standard o custom made vacuum grippers as end effectors.

An INDEVA®  Liftronic® Manipulator  with vacuum gripper offers the highest standard of safety compared to any other lift equipment with vacuum  gripping system.

  • ‰In case of unsafe vacuum level, load lifting is not allowed;
  • ‰if vacuum is below safety level after the load is lifted, the system  descends slowly to ground and an acoustic buzzer is actived;
  • ‰load release is not allowed until load is  layed on a stable support
  • ‰in case of electric power fault with load gripped and lifted, the system descends slowly to ground;
  • ‰in case of electric power network faults with no load gripped, the system stops;

INDEVA® Vacuum Gripper

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